2015 Ethics Roadshow = The Answers to Life, the Universe & the Ethics Rules

I am excited to formally announce that I will be doing the Ethics Roadshow for the Tennessee Bar Association again in 2015.  I am also really excited about this year’s theme and the prospect of putting together an entire 3-hour presentation that offers up answers to actual questions on the minds of those in the audience.

Stealing the blurb that is now up at the TBA website, here’s the deal:


The Ethics Roadshow is back again for 2015 for what may be its most interactive and audience friendly version to date.  This year’s presenter is neither as tall nor as witty as the late author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but he did turn 42 earlier this year and figures that if there was ever a year to work a reference to that wonderful series of books into the roadshow, this is the year.

To mix things up a bit from the formula used for the last couple of years, however; the Roadshow is opening up this year’s content to the desires of attendees in order to give you answers to your questions about the ethics rules.  If you are planning to attend (or if you are even thinking of attending), you are invited to send us a question you want to hear answered or a topic you want to see covered in this year’s Roadshow.  You can make your suggestion as broad (client confidentiality?) or as narrowly focused (how do I withdraw from a matter when I cannot track my client down to communicate?) as you want to make it.

The registration page for the Memphis stop on the Roadshow,which will be December 9, 2015, is active and you can access it here.  The dates and registration pages for the other cities will be added at the TBA site soon.  And please do send your questions in either to the email address offered through the TBA site or by hitting me up on Twitter @bsfaughnan using #Roadshow2015 or, of course, sending your question as a comment through this site.

And if you decide you don’t want to attend, well … so long and thanks for all the fish!

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