Board of Law Examiners – March 12, 2015 petition to overhaul Rule 7

Depending on what type of law practice setting you work in, you may or may not be aware of the several ways in which Tennessee’s system for licensing lawyers is a bit … I believe the technical word is “broken.”

Yesterday, the Board of Law Examiners filed a petition to seek to have the Tennessee Supreme Court fix some of the issues.  I will certainly be writing more, and more extensively, about this in the near future, but among the highlights of the BLE’s proposal is the creation of an additional 180-day amnesty period for in-house corporate counsel to register and a proposal that would permit some form of practice pending admission availability for attorneys seeking comity admission though not to the robust extent under theABA Model Rule.

The BLE’s petition has not yet been put out for public comment, but when that happens, it will likely result in a substantial amount of comment and discussion.

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