You’ve probably already read this letter…

It’s Tuesday night, October 8, 2019. What are you going to do with your evening? Want to read a letter written by someone who seems pretty clearly like someone who should not be permitted to be a lawyer at all but certainly who fails to understand that being White House Counsel is not the same thing as being a personal lawyer for the person presently holding that government office?

You’ve probably already read it, but just in case you haven’t, here is a link where you can read it in all of its infamy:


And when I write “enjoy,” what I really mean is . . . lament the level of institutional failure that has given us someone like Pat Cipollone as White House Counsel at this period of history rather than someone who would have the decency to resign rather than pen that feeble-minded missive in order to stay employed by someone who is wholly unworthy of, and dangerous to, the institution of the Presidency.

Although, if I were trying desperately to say something positive about this letter, I could say that at least he didn’t use comic sans as the font.

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