An award-winning post.

The punny title will be just about the only non-serious aspect of today’s post. The ABA Center for Professional Responsibility announced the winner of the 2022 Michael Franck Professional Responsibility Award was announced by the ABA. This year’s honoree is Lucian Pera of Memphis. Odds are, if you are someone who reads this blog, you likely are very familiar with who Lucian is, and you don’t need me to tell you much about him.

Because of how well deserved it is that Lucian is now receiving this honor, and because of my connection to him, I am going to tell you a little bit about him anyway.

Lucian is one of the leading national lights on ethics and the law of lawyering. Lucian is the person who gave me the opportunity, when I was an associate at Armstrong Allen where he was a partner, to get involved in the world of legal ethics and professional responsibility and who helped me figure out it was an area of the law that I wanted to focus upon in my practice. Lucian’s achievements are far too numerous to mention and that is not hyperbole.

As someone who practices in the shadow that he casts on the professional responsibility landscape, I can tell you definitively it is a broad and deep shadow in Tennessee and beyond. Lucian is absolutely a lawyer’s lawyer.

Lucian is an incredibly deserving recipient of this award. But this is also one of those occasions where the award is equally, if not more, deserving of its recipient. The addition of Lucian Pera to the list of those who have received the Michael Franck award will serve only to make how the award is viewed in the future as even more prestigious.

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Brian, As one of the non-lawyers in our family, I just happened across this post and it brought tears to my eyes. He thinks so highly of you that this is even more meaningful. Thank you for your thoughtful words. All the best, Jane

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