. Legal ethics

Can I get a witness (to talk to me)?

Later today (noon central), I will be doing a live webcast, through the Tennessee Bar Association, focused on RPC 4.2 and other ethical issues associated with communications with employees (and former employees) of represented organizations.  My co-presenter is a friend and former colleague (we practiced together as associates at a defense firm in the late nineties early 2000s), who now focuses his practice on the plaintiffs’ side of table handling personal injury cases.  We are going to be working from an interesting, well-constructed (and quite realistic) hypothetical involving pursuit of a health care liability action against one or more nursing home care facilities to take a look at the tough issues and try to provide insight into the practical realities.  It should be a good time, and provide interesting food for thought, as I don’t know if there is anything that my co-presenter and I agree on these days.

If you are in need of an hour of CLE, you can sign up for the webcast here and, if the timing isn’t convenient (we certainly didn’t realize when we scheduled it that we’d be competing against giant online sales from both Amazon and Wal-Mart), you can still watch it later at your convenience.