Listeners Like You

The FCU (Faughnan Content Universe) has expanded. Just in case any readers are interested in knowing about this, I am taking advantage of this platform to do a little bit of promotion about a new endeavor. It is a podcast and it has nothing to do with legal ethics, so if any of the pop culture, political, or personal references I have injected into my writing over the years are not of interest to you, you can stop here.

If you’re still reading, my best friend dating back to college and I have recently launched a podcast, called Listeners Like You. Every two weeks, we release an episode where we start things off by discussing what we’ve been listening to lately … find our way into talking about some other things … and we wrap things up by using a Random Podcast Generator to learn about some of the other podcasts out there.

We just released our third episode, Zac Braff’s “Alpha Gal” which I think is a pretty good entry point for new listeners. If you’ve ever wanted to hear more of my thoughts on music, podcasts, books, films, politics, sports, or life in general, I’d appreciate it if you give us a listen. And maybe even rate, review, and subscribe on Apple (or another platform of your choice) as well.

You really can get it just about anywhere you find podcasts, but you can also get there through this link at Podbean.

(And if you give it a listen and like it, Episodes 1 and 2 aren’t half bad though the audio quality is not as good as the current episode and you can also keep up with us @listenerslikeyoupod on Instagram, @ListenersLike on Twitter or on Facebook,)