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Third Time’s a Charm?

Do you have a lawyer in your life who has everything, and you don’t know what to get them for a Memorial Day present? (What, you say this isn’t a gift giving holiday weekend? Instead, it’s a solemn occasion and not really something to be celebrated in the sense of gift giving? Fair point.)

I’ll start over.

Do you have a long holiday weekend in front of you and aren’t quite ready to get out and socialize but also have nothing to occupy your time and because you are here reading this you very likely are a lawyer who has at least a passing interest in legal ethics and enjoy reading?

Have I got the solution for you.

The Third Edition of Professional Responsibility in Litigation is now available on the ABA website for purchase. You can get to at this link:

Professional Responsibility in Litigation, Third Edition (

I am, once again, proud to have had the opportunity to co-author this book with Doug Richmond and Mike Matula. I’m also very proud of the way that we have revised and improved the Third Edition. (Due to a bit of a shipping glitch, I haven’t received my author copies just yet so instead of quoting for you a bit from our new introduction to explain what we have done, I will crib a bit from what the ABA explains at the link above.)

This completely revised edition now includes new chapters on conflicts of interest and accidental and impromptu clients, and also provides a wider discussion of social media ethics in a focused chapter on this evolving topic. All other chapters have been substantially updated and, in some cases, prudently condensed for ease of use and provide ample citations to authority to guide readers in their own research.

Even if you don’t see your way to picking up a copy, please make sure to have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.