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Washington state likely to start out with 7 LLLTs

Another post keeping up with the ongoing effort in the State of Washington to try to close the access-to-justice gap through an outside-the-mainstream effort of authorizing certain types of legal services to be provided to the public by those not licensed to practice law.  I’ve previously written about this here and here.

Now the news, reported first by Robert Ambrogi at his site, is that of the 9 folks who sat for the Limited License Legal Technicians exam in Washington, 7 individuals have passed.  Provided that they now demonstrate that they have the required insurance and have performed 3,000 hours of supervised experience (and pay the required fee and confirm they have a trust account), they will be able to prepare documents and advise clients on domestic relations matters in Washington.

And, for those that might be curious about such things and want an idea of how this 77.8% pass rate on the exam compares to recent bar exam pass rate data in Tennessee.  Here is a link to the July 2014 bar pass rates in Tennessee.  If you exclude folks who were taking the bar for at least their second time, then the overall state pass rate for that exam would be 75.8%.