Today – Ethical Issues When Changing Law Firms.

There probably has been news this week about a set of departures of lawyers from one prominent firm to another or efforts that firms are taking to disincentivize their lawyers from taking their clients and moving on to a new destinaton.  As I indicated on Monday, I’m not actually around at the moment so this post was prepared and scheduled in advance so I won’t pretend that I’m doing anything other than guessing.  (As the McElroy Brothers would say, I’m sort of parting the kimono at this moment.)  But it is still that time of year, and just last week there were stories such as this one and this one and this one about such topics.

Today, if you are in any of the states where it is being broadcast today, including Alabama and North Carolina, you can sign up to hear me talk for an hour on Ethical Issues When Changing Law Firms.  In addition to getting necessary CLE credit, you’ll hear me discuss aspects of RPC 5.6 and RPC 1.16, as well as talk a bit about the relatively recent revisions to ABA Model Rule 1.6 to permit disclosure of client confidential information for purposes of running conflict checks when looking at making a lateral move.

Although in my practice I have advised and counseled both lawyers moving firms and firms being left behind, today’s seminar will have as its primary focus the perspective of a lawyer making a move and practical tips and approaches having an eye toward avoiding grass stains in your search for greener pastures.

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