Legal ethics

500: A Multimedia Extravaganza.

So, in my most recent post, I ended by acknowledging that there was a milestone upcoming and that it seems like a circumstances creating odd pressure.

I have now managed to do this for more than seven years and by my best guess there is roughly 500,000 words of content on legal ethics now available on this site.

So, what could one hope for to accomplish with a 500th post to feel like it is a successful one? Something engaging? Something discussing important information? Something perhaps involving shameless self-promotion of sorts? Something touting a great organization I am lucky to lead at the moment? Something that involves a subject matter that might change the profession?

Sometimes life steps up and provides an opportunity to do all of those things at once.

Robert Ambrogi, a much more famous blogger than me and who also is the host of a well-known podcast, was kind enough to extend an invitation to me to appear on his LawNext podcast and discuss the origins, motivations, and other issues addressed in APRL’s recent proposal to overhaul and replace ABA Model Rule 5.5.

You can give that episode a listen at the link below:

LawNext: Ep 162: Is the End in Site for State Limits on Law Practice? (

(Or, and it is always fun to hear me say this in my head when I hear it said on so many things I listen to, you can get it wherever you get your podcasts.)