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A brief personal announcement

It’s a new month and, for me, a new professional era.

I have been privileged to work over the last 23 years for three excellent law firms ranging in size from 50+ lawyers to more than 300 or so. From my early years with Armstrong Allen all the way through the last 8 years at Lewis Thomason, I’ve been very fortunate to work with many, many great lawyers as partners and colleagues.

As of today, however, I have made the exciting (but scary) decision to launch my own practice as a solo practitioner.

I am now the owner and founder of Faughnan Law, PLLC.

To mark that occasion, I’ve changed the visual style of this blog and, most importantly, changed a few pages that you can drill into by clicking above on the Faughnan Law or Contact pages.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and, oh yeah, for just a bit of actual legal ethics content and to update a bit on a recent post. You might recall we wrote about some issues with there being no rules that can be enforced against U.S. Supreme Court Justices but a reference to the fact that they would now have to make financial disclosures? No memory of that? Here’s a link.

Well, it may or may not come as any surprise that we are getting stories about how at least two or three of the Justices don’t seem to think they have to actually disclose the money their spouses make. Oh well.

(P.S. If any of you out there know how I might be able to edit the overall theme here to get rid of that pesky “Uncategorized” header, hit me up at my new email address that you can find if you click on “Contact.”)

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