Some bad news, some good news, and some “just news.”


Just a PSA. Do not get COVID. It is no good. Very bad. You don’t want it.

I managed to go all the way to August 2023 without ever getting it, but I came back from Denver with it earlier this week. It sucks. If you are traveling, I’d suggest you mask up. I didn’t. Real mistake. And, as a result, I’ve only been able to be a human being for about 2 or so hours a day.

That’s the bad news.

Now the good news. I am honored to have received an appointment to serve a three-year term on the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility. SCEPR is the body, among other things, that issues Formal Ethics Opinions on behalf of the ABA.

And now the “just news.” In the interest of transparency, the “good news” above means that I will not be writing on this site — whether to praise or criticize — about the issuance of new ABA Ethics Opinions for the next three years.

Govern yourselves accordingly. (Particularly as to the COVID advice.)