. Legal ethics

Some days you just don’t feel it.

I am not telling anyone who has any experience with this medium anything they do not already know when I say that blogging is a very time-consuming activity.  Blogging demands content, but some days you just aren’t feeling it.  This is particularly problematic when you are only attempting to do 2 to 3 posts a week but trying to make them all substantive, thoughtful, and original and then you find, at a time set aside to try to crank something out, you just don’t feel it.

So, what to do?

I’m going to try a time-honored tradition I’ve seen done by quite a few bloggers in other fields, which is just to offer up a pointer to a few, really well done pieces by other smart lawyers that are worth your time to read today if you have a few minutes to spare.  If none of these are news to you, I doubly apologize.

  • The folks over at The Law For Lawyers Today have some good thoughts up from earlier this week on the ethics issues associated with your client’s social media footprint and what you might be able to do to protect them from themselves.
  • Mike McCabe has a nicely thought out offering about the importance of the ethical obligations of trust accounting and safekeeping property and how poorly law schools perform when it comes to teaching law students about the skills necessary to survive that part of law practice.
  • Dane Ciolino has a good post up with a brief discussion of a New Mexico case that drives home a point that should seem obvious – don’t swerve your car at people and judges are people. (Horrible typo fixed: thanks for the heads up, sir.  You know who you are.)
  • And, while not about legal ethics at all, I can’t refrain from also mentioning that my law firm has started an insightful group blog in the area of construction law. Their latest post on a new OSHA rule from yesterday is a valuable read if you, or your lawyer clients, have construction matters as part of your practice.

I will try to have something of my own up tomorrow.